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Creating a Business Case to Earn MGT Act Funding

Creating a Business Case to Earn MGT Act Funding

For your federal agency to secure MGT Act funds for a mainframe modernization project, your mainframe team must submit a compelling business case to be considered by your CIO and the Technology Modernization Board.

Thanks to the mainframe’s core strengths—reliability, availability, serviceability, scalability, securability and compatibility—federal agencies are already equipped to fulfill one of the MGT Act’s goals to enhance existing systems for improved cybersecurity, efficiency and effectiveness.

Building Your Business Case

For agencies that use mainframes, your modernization efforts and your business case should align with the research and best practices of the MGT Act’s IT Infrastructure Optimization Center of Excellence (CoE). The scope of this CoE includes:

  • Architecture assessments
  • Optimization planning
  • Network consolidation/data center consolidation
  • New business models

For your business case to be successful, you will need to demonstrate how your mainframe modernization project will positively impact citizen-facing services, drive value and improve efficiency. It will also need to show how your project will reduce costs and yield a positive return on investment.

The following resources can help you accomplish this.

Research and Statistics

Leverage the strongest research and statistics proving how resilient and cost effective the post-modern mainframe is for large organizations like your agency. This evidence backs up the mainframe’s core strengths that make it far more advanced than most assume it is.

Transformation Evidence

The mainframe platform is more advanced than virtually every other IT system, but mainframe teams should also show how mainframe modernization can be instrumented to the transformation of their culture, processes and tools from waterfall to Agile. Compuware’s transformation story is one example.

Roadmap to Cross-platform DevOps

Even if your CIO and the Technology Modernization Board understand how important your mainframe is, you need to show how it can evolve to integrate deeper into your agency’s increasingly more connected IT environment and its cross-platform DevOps toolchain.

Use our DevOps toolchain template to fill in your current mainframe toolset, identify gaps and determine where you need to adopt new tools that enable your mainframe to make deeper cross-platform integrations.

For more information, contact Claire Bailey, Compuware Director, Federal, State and Local Solutions at [email protected].