December 21, 2015 Workforce

The Compuware Value Improvement Program: A New Year’s Resolution

As we rapidly approach yet another Christmas I am wondering where the year has gone. Perhaps it is just my age catching up with me, or maybe time just flies when you are having fun. Whichever it is, I surely had a productive and satisfying year and no Dickens’ ghosts are looming to point out my failings. Rather, angels are trumpeting. By this I mean our customers are heralding the success of the Compuware business analytics-based Value Improvement Program (VIP).

All you can eat

The VIP is one of the main topics that has given my past year wings. At the start of the year I was asked to modernise our long standing and extremely successful VIP. At that point the VIP consisted of a number of static reports that gave our customers information on how our tools were adopted. However relevant, the data and dashboards did not cut the mustard (on the Christmas dinner) when it came to exploring how products were really being used in more depth and turning this information into constructive actions.

Instead we wanted VIP dashboards that would have the same effect as a rich Christmas dinner: dashboards that contain so much useful information that you just can’t stop eating!

With my background in business analytics–researching the usage of analytics in business– I was really excited to be given the opportunity to set criteria for improving the program to bring more value to our customers on the one side, and ease the analytical process for our consultants on the other.

A business analytics-based program

The one pain point we identified in the old program was that the data was “dead.” In business analytics terms, “data is dead” when you cannot interact with it.  If we wanted to revamp our program in a way that it could grow with Compuware and our customers’ needs we would need to employ best-in-class business analytics software.

We created a business analytics platform using Agile methodology and have had three releases since April 1. The two most exciting improvements are:

  • Firstly, we have enabled our staff to address the key concerns of our customers, such as operational improvements, trusted advice on technology deployments and providing a tailored approach to better organisational impacts.
  • Secondly, the intelligence behind the business analytics in the VIP dashboards engine was leveraged from algorithms we have harnessed from actual field experience coupled with customer experience. The team did a fantastic job in progressing the offering every few months to incorporate feedback from our Product Council, representative of Compuware field specialists and customers. The result was awe-inspiring.

Our New Year’s resolution

Many customers were very enthusiastic to engage with this new offering. Eberhard Hötzer who is, Head of Software Development at Barmer in Germany said, “Mainframe development continues to play an important role in our strategy moving forward. We rely on the VIP to keep our development staff as productive as possible by instantly being able to identify gaps and potential areas for improvement instantly. The VIP helps us replace our ‘gut feeling’ with real data.”

If you have not had a serious look at the VIP then you are missing the “Compuware angel” on the top of your “software vendor Christmas tree.” So, I encourage you to take a few valuable moments to review the VIP and join the many of customers who getting even more value from Compuware in terms of operational efficiencies that enable IT staff to work cross platform and therefore support business needs.

It has been quite a year. The business analytics journey changed how we work with our valued customers as well as how we work internally, but there is more work to be done. Our New Year’s resolution is to continue to instill more capabilities into the program so we can turn “data” into action and deliver more value to more customers worldwide.