4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Miss the GSE UK Conference 2019

Overview: Find out how to improve high performance development time, get a fresh perspective on batch processing and security, and what else in store at GSE UK 2019.

The countdown has begun. By the time you read this, you’ll only have a few days left to register for the November 5 – 7 GSE-UK Conference 2019.

Compuware is heading to GSE UK Conference once again, and for 2019 we have experts presenting information on a wide range of subjects, including DevOps best practices, automation, changes in batch processing, and insider security threats.

Here’s a quick look at what the speakers from Compuware will be presenting.

What Does High Performing DevOps Look Like?

Speaker: Atul Bhovan

Atul will review the cultural and engineering practices that underpin high performing organizations
and how that success can be replicated. He’ll identify metrics that support those improvement aspirations and will share his observations and best practices from real-world companies he’s supported.

Learn to be Agile

DevOps – Improving IT’s AIM

Speaker: Alan Johns

Alan knows that everyone in development has heard these terms and has a process, but he’ll show how to take the process you’re using and improve it with better A.I.M. (Automation, Innovation, Measurement). Don’t get stuck in the development mud. You have your DevOps engine. Learn the steps to help you tune it.

To Maturity and Beyond: Batch to the Future

Speaker: Gary Alcock

The skills required to maintain the efficient running of large, critical and often complex batch schedules are becoming increasingly scarce. Gary will give a fresh look at how today’s sophisticated, modern and effective methods can help determine where you’ll be in the future. He’ll show the unique software that will help you modernize and automate your batch environment, as well as highlight approaches that can be used to re-engineer, de-risk and accelerate batch processing capabilities.

Optimize Batch Processing Download Video

The Enemy Within

Speaker: John Crossno

Who is your real insider threat? Security and regulatory compliance are tied closely together, and employees and contractors represent your greatest threat. This session will discuss who your “enemies within” are and the importance of addressing the security and data privacy aspects of your systems together.

More About the Conference

In addition to these speakers from Compuware, there will be dozens of other speakers from many other organizations presenting new learnings on a variety of subjects dealing with mainframe modernization, software development and more.

GSE 2019 will take place at Whittlebury Hall Golf & Country Club, United Kingdom. Compuware will be back as a Silver Sponsor of the event and you will find our experts and information at Booth 11 in the event hall.

The conference will also feature Lunch & Learn sessions, z/OS Connect Walk-in Labs, a “zEscape Room,” event exhibitors and fireworks. To get an idea of the insightful presentations  from last year’s conference, you can visit GSE UK Region’s YouTube channel now.