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Two-platform IT

Two-platform IT

Leverage the Power of Mainframe and Cloud

To compete in the digital economy, large enterprises must unleash the value of IT to drive innovation. Along with better culture, processes and tools, this can only be accomplished by simplifying data center infrastructure and unfettering skilled staff from the time it takes to support expensive, complex IT environments.

Two-platform IT is a data center infrastructure strategy that enables enterprises to leverage 1) mainframe computers and 2) XaaS resources from cloud providers only, thereby eliminating the need for expensive, complex, on-premise x86 commodity server infrastructure.

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Two-platform IT leverages the mainframe for mission-critical applications and data that are competitively differentiating, such as product source code and company and/or customer intellectual property, and XaaS resources from cloud providers for more basic business applications, such as payroll or a sales CRM.

Two-platform IT creates the foundation for One-speed IT, where development teams can innovate at the same speed: fast. It is not the same as the “fast and slow” approach of bimodal IT, where systems of engagement thrive with innovation and systems of record languish in a silo.

Mainframe + Cloud = The Future of Enterprise Optimization

Under Two-platform IT, enterprises can achieve significant benefits:


Keeping mission-critical assets on the mainframe and moving basic business functions from in-house servers to the cloud simplifies the IT environment, as staffs no longer deal with the complexity of an x86 environment. Commodity services can easily be integrated with the mainframe through APIs and DevOps tools.


Under Two-platform IT, basic business functions that IT typically maintains on servers become the responsibilities of their respective business units on the cloud, enabling local decision-making that is more efficient and manageable. When IT isn’t required to oversee functional decisions, customization or maintenance based on server environments, it can focus on other business needs.

Cost Saving

Research from Dr. Howard Rubin of Rubin Worldwide found mainframe-heavy companies average cost savings of around 14 percent better than server-heavy companies. Compuware has seen annual savings of $4.7 million under Two-platform IT. That’s because moving commodity services to the cloud reduces the number of servers you need in your data center, thereby reducing the affiliated costs and manpower necessary for maintaining an x86 environment. Furthermore, unlike x86, you can double the workload on the mainframe without additional hardware or manpower.

IT Reinvestment

Under Two-platform IT, savings are easily diverted as investments in value-driving innovation, rather than spent on the higher incremental costs of an x86 environment. What’s more, freeing IT to spend less time supporting other business units, you can reinvest those resources in tasks that bring more value to your business.

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