Unlike your company’s mainframe experts who are nearing retirement, your growing millennial workforce likely has zero experience with waterfall “green screen” source code management tools like CA Endevor. Changing source code using Endevor means having to memorize PF keys, know the precise environment, system and subsystems from which to retrieve and edit code, and wait for hours for code changes to be promoted.

Next-gen developers want familiar, intuitive, graphical Eclipse-based tools like ISPW, where:

  • Source code never leaves the environment
  • Developers can work concurrently
  • Code change impacts are easily detected and tracked
  • Syntax checks are automatically done
  • Code promotion is done in minutes and approvals are managed on the go
  • Continuous Integration is enabled through an integration with Jenkins

Watch this two-minute video to see how both veteran and novice mainframe developers can use ISPW to be more productive and agile.

Can’t see the YouTube video? No worries.