Asserting that mainframe applications have lost their relevance because they were authored in the 20th century is a bit like saying that the Constitution has lost its relevance because it was authored in the 18th century. Both are living entities that deliver living value to the institutions they support. The correct course of action is not to abandon them—but to leverage and modernize them as appropriate.

A new generation of Federal IT leaders will be guiding their organizations to success as citizens’ demands become increasingly tech-centric. These leaders are by and large well-prepared to do so. However, many have little knowledge of their single most important IT asset: the mainframe. The mainframe remains the industry’s premier data server for mission-critical workloads.

Helping Public Sector CIOs Address Their Most Critical Objectives

As they seek to contend with ever-present cost pressures, public sector CIOs have to constantly search for ways to consolidate and optimize their technology services. However, as the workforce that truly understands mainframes starts to dwindle, getting the most out of an organization’s mainframe is growing increasingly difficult.

By leveraging Compuware’s products and expertise, technology teams in federal, state, and local government agencies can maximize the efficiency and value of their mainframe investments.  Compuware is a trusted partner to public sector agencies across the US. We work closely with technologists to develop and deliver successful strategies, approaches, and solutions. Turn to Compuware and we can help your agency bolster its success and realize its long-term objectives.

Wondering How to Choose Your Next Platform?

Public sector CIOs are looking for technology partners to help build and maintain customer-centric solutions and capitalize on infrastructure, cloud, and shared services opportunities. Too often in government today, the mainframe is overlooked as a platform for innovation and advancement. But in many cases, mainframes can provide the most secure, reliable and high performance platforms available. Further, what’s often missed is that it can be the most cost effective. View this webcast and discover the “new math” for calculating the true cost of ownership of various computing platforms—and make sure your agency is equipped to make optimal platform choices.

Making Sure Your Enterprise Strategy is Complete

Today’s public sector CIOs face significant challenges. It’s difficult to recruit and retain the right personnel. Political factors continue to create budgetary pressures. At the same time, agencies need to continue to deliver innovative services to citizens. To contend with these demands, it’s vital for agencies to fully leverage their existing assets and develop shared services. How are other CIOs faring in contending with these demands? Be sure to download “The New World of Mainframes CIO Survey” and get insights into the current strategies that can help put your agency on the optimal path for long-term success.

Recruiting and Training Tomorrow’s Mainframe Technologists

Public sector organizations are facing a looming challenge: Who will have the expertise required to manage, develop, and maintain mainframe environments in the years ahead? On one hand, seasoned mainframe experts continue to retire. On the other hand, hiring new staff with the expertise required continues to grow more difficult. To bridge this gap, public sector organizations will need easy-to-use tools and services that can help a new generation of technologists master mainframe administration and development. Be sure to review this article and get insights into how public sector agencies can enable millennials to fill the roles that will be required moving forward.

Meeting Citizen Demands for Digital Services

Citizens demand government services that are available on demand, twenty-fours a day, 365 days a year. This requires resilient technology services that are developed and operated efficiently and effectively. While Agile development techniques have the potential to help public sector agencies in fulfilling these objectives, there are several common myths about Agile development that have been prohibiting many mainframe teams from fully leveraging these approaches. If your organization hasn’t yet embraced Agile approaches, be sure to review “Debunking 4 Myths of Agile Development.” This white paper debunks four common myths of Agile development that have been keeping mainframe teams from adopting Agile methodologies.

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