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Automated Unit Testing with Topaz for Total Test


Topaz for Total Test is the industry’s first automated unit testing solution that enables developers at all skill levels to test sub-segments of a program almost immediately after updating a piece of code.

Topaz Connect


Connect Mainframe Software to Modern IT Processes and Applications

Topaz for Java Performance


Topaz for Java Performance, the newest addition to the Topaz suite, provides unique visibility into the performance of Java Batch programs and Websphere transactions running on the mainframe.

Topaz Workbench: Modernize Your Mainframe Development Environment


The key to “mainstreaming” the mainframe is to provide non-mainframe developers with tools that look and feel like the ones used in distributed environments so that mainframe development is different only in syntax. One such tool is Topaz Workbench.

Empowering Next Generation Developers to Understand Enterprise Applications


Topaz for Program Analysis intelligently analyzes mainframe programs and presents the results of that analysis in a visually intuitive manner.