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About this event:

Webcast  Summary

In this month’s “Did You Know?” webcast, Product Manager John Crossno and Account Consultant Mike Bassett will highlight tips and tricks for using Compuware Application Audit to help your information security auditors detect and report on potential insider threats and maintain regulatory compliance.

Join us to learn how Application Audit:

  • Detect and report on potential insider threats
  • Deepen analysis of mainframe intelligence
  • Maintain compliance with regulations
  • Make it easy for infosec to audit mainframe security and application user activities
  • Independently determine which users and applications to monitor for malicious behavior

Webcast Details

Title:  Cybersecurity: Mainstreaming the Mainframe

Date:  Thursday, August 17

Time:  11:30 AM EDT, 4:30 PM BST

Duration: 30 minutes (includes Q&A)

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