Test Data Privacy

Test Data Privacy for Data Breach Prevention

During the application testing process your customer information is exposed to development teams, IT vendors and even third-party developers. A comprehensive test data management solution is crucial for test data privacy and data breach prevention because any accidental or malicious misuse of test data would be costly and reputation-damaging.

Security with Data Cleansing and Data Masking

Testing applications is a critical step in ensuring quality IT services. Data security through an effective solution that enables protective techniques such as data cleaning and data masking for your enterprise is fundamental for data breach prevention for your customers and your organization.

Comply with Data Privacy Laws

Compuware’s Test Data Privacy solution leverages the strengths of File-AID, the industry leading file and data management solution for a consistent, familiar and secure method to access, analyze, edit, compare, move and transform data across all environments. With Test Data Privacy, you can make test data anonymous, yet still enable development teams to test applications and remain productive. Compuware supports some of the largest IT organizations worldwide as they work to comply with data privacy laws.

  • Efficiently scramble, translate, generate, age, analyze, cleanse, mask and validate test data
  • Integrated solution enabling test data privacy for mainframe and distributed applications
  • Incorporate business rules into a single interface to standardize data manipulation and enhance productivity, yet allow developers to easily create specialized disguise routines when needed

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