Data Management

Improve Test Data Management at Your Enterprise

IT organizations looking to improve data lifecycle management at their enterprise require proper data management to leverage reliable, realistic test data before launching new or enhanced mainframe applications into production. Pulling test data from “live” databases is unsafe, requires additional time to run the test due to file sizes and uses costly and/or scarce CPU. Additionally, strict data privacy regulations are forcing companies to protect personally identifiable information. Without secure data privacy, your business remains exposed to data breaches, theft and financial penalties in its mainframe application development for System z.

Increase Data Quality with the Data Lifecycle

Compuware’s Data Management solution, leveraging the industry-leading File-AID products, improves optimized test data quality for both the test and production environments, as well as complete data privacy, improving data lifecycle management by enabling development to:

  • Simplify test data generation for mainframe application development
  • Ensure that all mainframe testing conditions are met for
  • Protect sensitive test data with data masking, translating, test data generation, aging, analyzing and validating test data, and data cleansing
  • Work with all standard file types regardless of record length or format

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