Test Data Management

Simplify Data Management at Your Enterprise

Compuware’s Test Data Management solution, which leverages the industry-leading File-AID products, simplifies the complexity of test data management—for both test and production environments—through a standardized approach to managing data from multiple databases and file types.

This eliminates the need for extensive training or knowledge of esoteric procedures, making it easy to find, create, extract, convert, load, edit, protect, age and maintain data. Test Data Management through File-AID helps lower test data management costs and free up developers to focus on mission-critical tasks.

Cost, Complexity and Conventional Data Management

Test data management plays a role in controlling or increasing complexity and IT costs. While physical data storage costs are decreasing, that number is only becoming more dependent on what tools and skills you leverage.[1] In other words, the more complex test data management is, the more skill you need to accomplish it and the more expensive test data management becomes for the enterprise.

Better Test Data Management, Better Data Privacy

Current and emerging data protection regulations like the GDPR are becoming more austere in how they require companies to protect personal data. Without a reliable, modern test data management solution, your organization could be more vulnerable to data misuse, data theft, and the consequential financial penalties for allowing those activities to occur.

To help teams improve these areas, Compuware’s Test Data Management solution provides a wide range of unique capabilities for ensuring test data is managed easily with efficiency across platforms while raising data privacy standards.

Test Data Simplification

Compuware’s Test Data Management solution simplifies test data provisioning for application development and ensures that all testing conditions are met. Using Compuware’s modern, intuitive Test Data Management solution, developers spend less on time-consuming, data-related tasks and more on what matters: developing new applications and managing existing ones.

Protect Sensitive Data

Compuware’s Test Data Management solution helps you improve data privacy by cutting out the need to continuously pull test data from “live” databases—a dangerous practice that requires additional time to run the test due to file sizes as well as uses costly and/or scarce CPU. Instead, Test Data Management makes it easy to leverage reliable, realistic yet anonymized test data before launching new or enhanced applications into production.

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[1] Cindy LaChapelle, “The Cost of Data Storage and Management: Where Is It Headed in 2016?” The Datacenter Journal, March 10, 2016, http://www.datacenterjournal.com/cost-data-storage-management-headed-2016/