Topaz for Java Performance

Java Performance Management

Topaz for Java Performance provides unique visibility into the performance of Java Batch programs and WebSphere transactions running on the mainframe, including peak CPU utilization of specific Java methods and classes; “Garbage Collection” issues such as memory leaks and excessively long collection intervals; and threads that are blocked or not actually doing useful work.

The product also seamlessly integrates with Compuware Strobe, giving staff the ability to take comprehensive measurements of their entire Java environment—inside and out. Strobe delivers valuable insight about Java Virtual Machine (JVM) jobs and specialty processor usage, while Topaz for Java Performance provides visibility inside the JVM for targeted tuning of Java programs.

The Value of Topaz for Java Performance

  • Minimizes cost of measuring Java Virtual Machines by executing on specialty engines
  • Lowers CPU usage by pinpointing where CPU spikes occur and how much CPU is used at a given time
  • Reduces costs by ensuring technology works at maximum efficiency
  • Increases efficiency by scheduling measurements instead of continuously monitoring systems
  • Offers one tool for all types of z/OS on Java and a central interface to measure all Java Virtual Machines across LPARs
  • Monitors without impacting existing system performance
  • Provides insights into performance by saving performance history
With the latest release of Topaz, Compuware is demonstrating its ongoing and timely commitment to providing tools that can add value to mainframe environments for both experienced and Millennial IT staff. Topaz for Java Performance can help IT organizations understand issues such as CPU utilization and memory usage for Java on the mainframe, providing information that can be used to tune application performance and help optimize operational costs.

— Tim Grieser, Program Vice President for Enterprise System Management Software, IDC