As mainframe application complexity and relevance continue to rise, IT Operations and Application Development collaboration is essential to solve quality and performance problems fast. But solving problems is difficult enough when you have the facts. Trying to resolve them without the right information is nearly impossible. More often than not, when Operations or QA manually communicates the specifics about the problem to Development, critical information gets left out, resulting in prolonged resolution times. And constant development distractions mean a growing application backlog.

The DevOps philosophy puts focus on the feedback loop throughout the entire application lifecycle, but what practical steps can IT organizations with mainframe-centric applications take?

A Pragmatic Approach to DevOps

Compuware provides a pragmatic DevOps approach to helping Operations, QA and Development improve agility in a mainframe-centric environment.

The continuous feedback created by uniting the tools used to find problems with those used to fix them, enables IT to minimize development distractions, improve problem resolution times and respond to the needs of the business.

Here’s how it works. Using Strobe or Abend-AID, Operations and QA teams can quickly pinpoint the root cause of a mainframe application performance problem or exception. This fix request containing real-time data will be sent right from Operations’ dashboard and includes the contextual insights about the issue. The request is sent to the Compuware Workbench and Xpediter, at which point Development teams will have a jump-start on re-creating, debugging and ultimately fixing the problem.

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Mainframe application performance | Mainframe | ibm SystemZ | z13 software | Big Data Management

With the Compuware solutions you can:

  • Move from a reactionary to a proactive and dynamic approach to resolving mainframe problems
  • Automate the collection and analysis used to diagnose mainframe application problems
  • Leverage the artifacts and assets across multiple products and multiple users
  • Modernize the interaction across development, QA and operations
  • Enable less-experienced staff to be more productive in a mainframe environment
  • Simplify the tasks required of mainframe developers to complete critical aspects of their job