Compuware’s Mainframe Application Performance Management solution provides a proactive approach to controlling IT costs by measuring performance and identifying waste.  With Compuware’s Mainframe Application Performance Management solution, IT departments can reduce application inefficiencies that erode performance causing excessive CPU consumption and greater hardware and software costs.

Improving mainframe application performance not only reduces CPU consumption, batch runtimes and online transaction response times, it reduces the lifetime costs of applications, improves customer satisfaction and increases revenue.

Mainframe application performance management primarily focuses on optimizing MIPS consumption. When MIPS usage increases faster than IT budgets or business revenues, excessive CPU consumption forces very expensive hardware upgrades. You can stop this trend and reduce mainframe hardware and software costs by optimizing the efficiency of your applications.

Managing mainframe applications with Compuware’s solution is designed to:

  • sample the activity of z/OS-based online and batch applications
  • provide detailed data mining reports, performance improvement tips and interactive data analysis
  • automatically measure mainframe applications based on pre-defined thresholds
  • easily focus efforts on fixing high-priority mainframe performance issues first
  • manage MIPS usage with automated, repeatable performance monitoring.

Fact Sheets

Supported Environments

  • CICS
  • IMS/DC
  • TSO
  • WebSphere MQ
  • TCP/IP
  • APPC

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