Testing and Auditing

Automated Testing Capabilities Improve Mainframe Application Testing

Hiperstation is Compuware’s mainframe application quality assurance and a data privacy solution.

Mainframe application developers need to test numerous conditions in order to ensure superior mainframe application performance, reliability and security. However, the time-consuming, manual steps necessary for application testing leaves less time for your developers to focus on mainframe application development.

Hiperstation provides automated testing capabilities to ensure your mainframe applications are thoroughly tested, while your development team remains focused on mainframe development activities.

The Value of Mainframe Automated Testing Tools

The Value of Data Privacy

Continuous Mainframe Application Performance Monitoring and Recording of IT User Application Interactions

  • Reduces risk and liability associated with production security and data privacy.
  • Lowers cost of regulatory compliance.
  • Serves as a data privacy solution against inappropriate mainframe activities.
  • Provides vital forensic information via mainframe application performance monitoring to investigate suspicious activity.
  • Improves rapid response for application auditing infractions and mainframe application performance problems.
  • Data privacy capabilities help contain and reduce the impact of a data breach.

The Benefits of Hiperstation for Mainframe Application Development

  • Create automated testing vehicles to perform regression or mainframe application performance testing.
  • Incorporate application business requirements into your application testing.
  • Simulate server application responses during a user interface test.
  • Test changes to the operating system, language environment or subsystems.
  • Use application auditing on WebSphere MQ application message activity for appropriate access.
  • Thoroughly document mainframe application testing results.