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Mainframe Modernization with the Compuware Workbench

Mainframe software developers need access to source code editors, job submission and review tools, and dataset administration utilities to be productive. In the mainframe development realm, these have been traditionally provided through a legacy mainframe character interface, which lacks intuitive features commonly found in modern operating environments.  

The Compuware Workbench provides a modernized mainframe development environment to streamline day-to-day development tasks. It is an intuitive and easy–to-use tool that provides the essentials of mainframe software development and maintenance:

  • source-code editing
  • code analysis
  • file and data manipulation
  • creating and masking test data
  • program compilation
  • job submission and output review
  • application testing
  • interactive debugging
  • fault diagnosis
  • application and performance tuning.

This mainframe modernization via the Workbench makes application development, testing and tuning faster and simpler to perform for both experienced mainframers as well those new to mainframe, enabling companies to develop new services faster, more efficiently and with higher quality utilizing existing resources.

Compuware’s approach is evolutionary, not revolutionary. Behind the new user interface are the same Compuware mainframe products – Abend-AID, File-AID, Hiperstation, Xpediter and Strobe - that have provided solid, reliable value for decades. Organizations deploy the Workbench as an alternative mainframe development environment available to anyone who prefers a modernized interface over the original green-screen interfaces. Additionally, care has been taken to minimize complexity, resulting in simple installation requirements, shareable configuration (profile) settings and complete help information throughout the technology.

The Workbench allows these mature mainframe tools to exist within a common framework side by side, in the same environment, with other non-mainframe, non-Compuware or distributed tools. Technicians can flow seamlessly from task to task while developing and maintaining a complex mix of cross-platform applications, using one intuitive GUI.

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Open-sourced Eclipse Development for Mainframe Modernization

Compuware uses the open-sourced Eclipse development environment as the foundation of its Workbench offering and the modernized user interfaces to its mainframe solutions. Most IT organizations already use Eclipse for their Java development. It is also ubiquitous in the computer programming training world, as colleges and trade schools use it due to its sophistication and no-cost availability.

The Value of Mainframe Modernization with the Compuware Workbench:

  • Modernizes the mainframe development/maintenance environment, making mainframe application development attractive for the next generation of “best and brightest”
  • Leverages the powerful functionality built into Compuware mainframe tools for over 3 decades for superior data editing, fault diagnosis, debugging, and performance tuning
  • Has an industry leading, intelligent source code editor that assists in all aspects of source code manipulation
  • Adheres to industry standards for GUI based development tools
  • Provides context sensitive drop down menus indicating what functionality is available where
  • Leverages existing Eclipse frameworks for mainframe navigation, debugging, etc.
  • Makes it very intuitive for experienced developers who are new to the mainframe
  • Helps organizations address the issue of a retiring mainframe development workforce
  • Has a small workstation footprint that has low hardware requirements, helping to keep costs down
  • Is a very justifiable and low risk solution, unlike some of the more expensive and complex offerings being sold.