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Fault Management with Abend-AID

Abend-AID is Compuware's mainframe application failure resolution solution.

When an application fails, developers must manually cross-reference pages of recorded application memory information with pages of application code to understand why the failure occurred.

Fault Management with Abend-AID reduces this tedious and time-consuming task, enabling development personnel to tackle higher-priority work assignments.

Abend-AID: The Value of Fault Management

  • Optimize resources by improving the fault-resolution process.
  • Reduce application downtime and time-to-market for new functionality.
  • Ensure application reliability and performance.
  • Achieve appropriate service levels.

Abend-AID: The Benefits of Fault Management for Developers

  • Quickly resolve failures with source-level analysis.
  • Identify errors and verify test results through a directory of all fault activity.
  • View the actual text of a statement causing an error and the contents of its related fields.
  • Clearly display data in storage and data being transferred between programs.
  • Identify field lengths and index values for multi-dimensional tables.
  • View source code for program logic.

Break down IT barriers and solve problems faster

A lack of collaboration and the manual sharing of information can prolong resolution times and increase application backlogs. Compuware helps solve this age-old issue by uniting the tools used to find problems with those used to fix them. Using Strobe or Abend-AID, Operations and QA teams can quickly pinpoint the root cause of a mainframe application performance problem or exception. Operations will initiate a “fix request” right from their dashboard, which automatically gathers the contextual insights about the issue. The request is sent to the Compuware Workbench where Development will have a jump-start on re-creating, debugging and ultimately fixing the problem. Learn more by watching this short video.

Supported Environments

CICS (PDF in English)

DB2 (PDF in English)

CA IDMS (PDF in English)


IMS (PDF in English)

MVS (PDF in English)

Websphere MQ (PDF in English)