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Infographic_transition from Agile Development to Agile Delivery

"The Phoenix Project" has been embraced as the de facto DevOps manual. The authors have defined the three guiding principles within the DevOps movement:

  • Systems Thinking
  • Amplify Feedback Loop
  • Culture of Continual Experimentation and Learning

APM for DevOps Supports the Three Guiding Principles

Systems Thinking

Compuware APM establishes performance as the lingua franca to empower development, test, and operations teams to deliver an optimal application experience. Automation enables the teams to quickly understand an application and all its components, giving the IT and business teams a complete view of the entire system.

Amplify Feedback Loops

Driving information between operations and development has always been a challenge for IT organizations. Compuware APM has integration and collaboration across the lifecycle built right in, so the teams can quickly start sharing information and tighten the feedback loop.

Culture of Experimentation and Learning

Compuware APM enhances your Agile Development, automates performance testing, and accelerates release processes to achieve Continuous Delivery. You can ensure that the problems encountered at any point throughout application iterations are discovered early, with sufficient detail and context, to eliminate any guess work required to fix the issue. This visibility coupled with automation helps cultivate a culture of experimentation, taking risks and learning from failures which drives innovation and accelerates time to market.


"Within days of installing dynaTrace, we have found three performance issues with our software that have been in our code for many years. The visibility dynaTrace has given us in terms of performance under load has allowed us to find and resolve these issues. This has greatly improved the performance of our product and saves our customers money on hardware deployment costs."

— Leading Workforce management company