Application Monitoring

Compuware APM Mainframe monitoring provides unprecedented transaction visibility across distributed and mainframe applications. It's the only continuous transaction-based application performance management solution that spans mainframe, CICS gateway and distributed systems. Resolve war rooms by instantly isolating the root cause of problems across distributed and mainframe tiers. Pinpoint problems with complete, end-to-end application transaction visibility. Save money and MIPS through mainframe performance monitoring and optimization. Choose from three optimized solutions: APM for Mainframe CICS, IMS or Java!

Reduce MIPS Costs with Precise, Always-On End-To-End Mainframe Monitoring

MIPS management

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Compuware APM provides instant visibility of mainframe usage for all transactions, 24/7.

MIPS management is more than optimizing individual DB calls and CPU cycles on the mainframe! Compuware APM is the only solution that is able to answer the following questions for any call to z/OS: Who is making these calls into the mainframe? Why does the distributed world make duplicate calls to the mainframe? Do we really need all these DB2 calls? Can’t we eliminate duplicate calls even though the individual executions have been highly optimized?

See the Flow of Each Transaction through Your Distributed and Mainframe Landscape

Mainframe performance monitoring flow

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Understand how the distributed side uses the mainframe for a specific transaction.

Typical mainframe environments process millions of transactions per day. Compuware APM allows detailed analysis for each of these transactions, whether you are reviewing high-level behavior or running an in depth analysis. There is no need to spend lengthy and tedious days or weeks reproducing the error or waiting for its re-occurrence. With Compuware APM you’ll understand each end user action and follow it over all distributed tiers into the mainframe, to DB2 and beyond!

Access Root Cause Information for Every Transaction -
No Code Changes Required

Mainframe monitoring transaction flow

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Analyze any transaction to find the root cause of a poor user experience and costly MIPS waste.

The sampling approach of typical APM solutions requires lengthy and frustrating delays in providing detailed root cause information. Or you have to wait for the problem to re-occur or try to reproduce it in a different environment –all while risking users and revenue. With Compuware APM, you’ll identify the root-cause in minutes and avoid war room situations with useless finger pointing.

Get a Complete Picture with Profiling Down to Code Level

Mainframe performance detailed monitoring

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The PurePath tree view provides the highest level of detail for each transaction, down to code level, pointing you to hotspots for rapid resolution.

With PurePath Technology® you’ll immediately get all the facts about problems – whether they are functional issues, scalability problems, performance problems or related database usage or third party services. Cut the blame game and focus on the resolution with facts and detailed root cause information.

Provide Objective Evidence and Speak the Same Language Across Teams


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Collaborate more effectively with all stakeholders with in-depth, accurate information.

Promote collaboration and teamwork across silos when troubleshooting.  Reduce MTTR by up to 90% by sharing actionable data with performance, test and development teams. Or package deep, code-level root cause information about a problem into a compact session file that can be opened without access to the production installation. The Compuware Strobe integration bridges the gap to the industry-leading mainframe profiler for the deep dive!