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Data Center Savings and ThruPut Manager


ThruPut Manager is an unprecedented z/OS JES2 batch workload automation solution. This overview discusses three ways ThruPut Manager automation can positively impact the datacenter’s budget this year and each year hereafter—MLC reduction, deferral of hardware upgrades, and ISV software license savings.

Production Batch and ThruPut Manager


This paper explores how ThruPut Manager automation improves your batch environment and addresses issues particular to z/OS production batch, regardless of which job scheduler you use. Key to the automation of batch workload are ThruPut Manager dynamic initiators.

Soft Capping and ThruPut Manager


This paper introduces IBM’s Sub-Capacity Pricing, hard and soft capping, and the Rolling Four-Hour average (R4HA), as well as an overview of the Automated Capacity Management feature of ThruPut Manager, which can automatically defer or constrain low priority batch to lower the monthly peak R4HA and result in significant software savings.