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Increase Mainframe Quality and Value with Compuware, SonarSource and Jenkins


The integration of Compuware Topaz, Jenkins & SonarSource's SonarQube provides metrics to help managers increase the agility of the mainframe.

Using File-AID Data Capabilities within Topaz Workbench


With Topaz Workbench, developers of all skill levels can better understand and manipulate mainframe data.

What’s New in Topaz Workbench Webcast


See a tour of Topaz Workbench’s core functionality including Host Explorer, Xpediter testing, easy access to web-based reporting tools, as well as new functionality consisting of z/OS console and cross-LPAR copy.

Compuware Topaz Workbench Demo


CEO Chris O’Malley shares his thoughts on the challenge that Fortune 3000 companies are facing as they try to compete with agile startups and how to bring the mainframe into enterprise DevOps.