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How Busy Is Too Busy? Automating Your System for Maximum Throughput


During this on-demand webcast, we dive into issues affecting utilization and the key role that Compuware ThruPut Manager plays in optimizing your batch workloads to keep your machine running at the performance sweet spot. Don’t get too busy!

Staying In Tune: Practical Considerations of Key Performance Areas


There is no shortage of available metrics to provide detailed insight into system performance. The problem is sorting through them all and recognizing what’s important. Utilization, for example, comes in many forms. This session will discuss key performance areas to watch, what to look for, what to ignore and what … well, as they say--it depends.

Verizon’s Experience with Capping and MLC Reduction


Chris Prenatt, Senior System Engineer, describes his Verizon experience of reducing MLC without impacting service quality.

Verizon is an Automation Leader


Chris Prenatt, Senior Systems Engineer with Verizon, chats with Al Lindstrom of MVS Solutions about Automated Capacity Management and ThruPut Manager.